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Architectural Siding

MAC Architectural Metal Siding offers a variety of options that provide weather resistance, durability and high-quality performance. MAC is a leader in the design and fabrication of premium pre-painted steel siding and roofing. They are renowned for their designs and high quality, maintenance-free products. These products are the result of extensive research and rigorous testing to ensure that the siding you receive will meet our strict standards and your expectations.

With MAC steel siding from Trenton Block & Hardscape Supply, we take a break from your landscape and turn our attentions to your home. As the focal point and most important element of your property, your home should be protected at all times with materials that are stylish, strong and durable.

MAC Metal siding adds a stunning look to any home! It’s versatile enough to offer an ultra-modern, sleek look, but also works seamlessly creating traditional styles. Metal siding offers a host of functional advantages for the protection and security of homes and commercial or industrial buildings with long-lasting guaranteed quality.

At Trenton Block & Hardscape Supply, we are proud to give our customers access to the materials that will protect their investments and enhance their lifestyles. Call your nearest Trenton Block location to learn more about MAC Metal Siding.

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