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Pavers are Eco-Friendly: Here’s Why

Permeable pavers can enhance the look of any driveway

Permeable pavers are perfect for the conscientious homeowner. If you want a beautiful hardscape that’s Eco-friendly, then this is the way to go. Pavers also have a rustic charm to them that will improve your home or commercial property’s curb appeal. Pavers help to enhance walkways, driveways, and patios alike. To learn more about what makes permeable pavers so Eco-friendly, then keep reading. 

Permeable Pavers Helps With the Natural Water Cycle

Another name for permeable pavers is “interlocking concrete pavers.” Concrete pavers have joints where small stones fill in the gaps. Water soaks into these joints and then returns to the soil through an open-graded gravel base. These joints are what make pavers permeable, enhancing the natural water cycle. When you don’t have permeable pavers, rainwater often runs off into stormwater drains. Solid concrete driveways prevent rain from seeping into the earth. Rain must penetrate the soil for it to thrive, and the same goes for plant life. 

Permeable Pavers Take Away Toxins From Water

When a paver stone absorbs rainwater, it soaks into the gravel base before touching the soil. A gravel base serves as a filtering system that can reduce pollutants from rain or surface water. Interlocking concrete pavers also have an Eco-friendly component where using recycled material is a part of the process. If you’re a homeowner that wants a new driveway, then it is entirely possible to reuse the old material. You can use recycled concrete to construct new pavers.

Pavers are Durable 

Permeable pavers are a homeowner and business owner’s favorite. These stones are ideal for areas that have a lot of foot traffic. More and more hardscape architects favor installing driveway pavers versus traditional concrete because of their durability, flexibility, and Eco-friendly benefits. Pavers often come with a lifetime guarantee because of their strength. If your driveway becomes damaged in any way, interlocking concrete pavers don’t cost much to replace or repair whatsoever. 

Let’s Review the Benefits of Permeable Pavers:

  • Eco-friendly
  • Aesthetically appealing
  • Durable (ideal for both residences and commercial properties) 
  • The cost for replacement/repair doesn’t break the bank
  • They enhance patios
  • Perfect for helping walkways stand out

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