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Plastic Paver Edge Restraint

Paver restraint is utilized on perimeters where there is dirt or grass. Without edge restraint, over time the pavers will begin to separate from the patio and sag.

Brands We Carry

  • Dimex Low Profile Flexible Edging – available in 7.5’ sections and is ready made to flex around curving areas such as curving walkways; can be used also for straight applications
  • Beast Edging – available in 8’ sections and is ridged for straight edges and can be notched for curbed edges
  • Snap Edge Plastic Edging

Permaloc Aluminum Edging

Aluminum edging comes in Proline, Cleanline and Brick Block. Landscape edging has flat slots to be staked into the ground, appropriate for use around gardens and trees; it is decorative, not structural. Brick Block is utilized as a paver restraint. It is L Shaped and provides structural support for pavers with a different look.

Most products are available in both 8’ and 16’ options.

Polymeric Sand

Polymeric Sand is a final touch to all your paver installations. It is swept into the joints separating pavers. When water is applied to the surface of the pavers, polymers in the sand activate and harden locking your pavers in place. Please check available guides for safe poly sand installation, or call any of our three locations for assistance.

Brands We Carry

  • SRW PaverMate Z3
  • Alliance Gator Maxx
  • Techniseal HP Next Gel

Please call your local Trenton Block location for brand availability.

Geo-Textile Products

Underlayment products have different, specific applications. Paver underlayment utilizes a woven fabric to keep base stone from dispersing into the ground below and compromising the integrity of the installation. Drainage fabric is utilized in areas where water needs to pass through, often used behind walls and for French drains. General landscape fabric is utilized as a weed barrier. Geo grid provides structural support for retaining walls.
We offer a variety of size options in all our Geo-Textile products.

Bagged Masonry and Concrete Mixes

We carry Portland Type I, Type S, Type N, Type S Mortar Mix, Type N White, Concrete Mix, and Masonry Lime. Please call your local Trenton Block location with any questions regarding which type is right for your application.


We carry a full line of cleaners and preventative maintenance products for both paver and masonry products.


Sealers are used to both change the look of and protect your pavers.

All locations carry a variety of paver sealers in high gloss, low gloss, and penetrating sealers in solvent and water-based options.

Drainage Systems

We stock a comprehensive variety of NDS Drainage Line, including 100ft and 10ft sections of both solid and perforated pipe as well as ADS and PVC Schedule 20. Please call your local Trenton Block location with any drainage application questions you may have.


Our company stocks a complete line of Masonry Tools from brands such as Marshall Town, PaveTech, Sakai, Weber, Craftsmen, and many more!


A complete line of Diamond blades, core drill bits and grinding cups are available at all three Trenton Block locations ranging between 7-14’’ in various grades for homeowners and contractors.

Bulk Materials

Trenton Block carries bulk materials in the form of Masonry Sand, Concrete Sand, Screenings, ¾” blend stone, ¾” clean stone, 3/8” clean stone and screenings. Yes, we deliver!