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TRENTON NJ: 609‐396‐9750

MILTON DE : 302‐684‐0112

Hardscape Supplies

Trenton Block strives to be your one stop shop! We pride ourselves on stocking all items for your job needs from start to finish. We stock a full line of EP Henry pavers and wall systems, aggregates, fabrics, edge restraint, accessories and tools to complete installation at all of our three locations. We understand that the quality of all your hardscaping projects depends on the reliability of our company’s supplies and service. We make it our mission to make sure that you have access to all necessary materials at all phases of construction.

As a contractor, it’s your responsibility to provide the equipment, materials, and labor for the job. As a supplier, we ensure that the materials you require are the ones that we provide. If we don’t have it, our staff will gladly try to find what you need.

  • EP Henry and Cambridge pavers and wall systems – Stocked in the most popular colors and styles at all three of our yards
  • EP Henry and Cambridge permeable Eco-Pavers and Cast Stone Veneer products – Available with quick 1-2 day turn-around
  • Geo-textile, Geo-Grid, and Landscape Fabric – An essential component in creating a stable and proper paver base and ensuring that retaining walls remain structurally sound; multiple size options available
  • Plastic Paver Edge Restraint – An essential part of any proper hardscape installation stocked in several brands
  • Polymeric Joint Sand – Greatly improves interlock in paver walkways, patios, and driveways, and provides a modern finished look; several brands and two colors available
  • Paver Cleaners and Sealers – Enhancement and protection for patios, walkways, or driveways
  • Construction Adhesives – Stocked in several brand and size options for both horizontal and vertical applications
  • LED Landscape Lighting – All your lighting needs from high-quality low-voltage LED lighting in many style and color options, to wire and transformers
  • Tampers – Stocked in both 5/HP Honda Motorized and manual options to suit your budget
  • Tools – Specialty manual tools in stock for paver, wall and veneer installations