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Guide to Mortar Types and Materials

Choosing a mortar type depends on its application and design details of your project. Specifying your masonry needs is essential.

Mortar bonds brick or other masonry units together while providing structure capacity to the wall or other structures. Four mortar types that we offer are light velvet “N,” light velvet “S,” white velvet “N,” and mortar mix type “S.” Each type varies in terms of its ratio of cement, lime, and sand. Depending on this ratio, each mortar type performs differently based on flexibility, bonding, and compression strength. Choosing a mortar type depends on its application and design details of your project. Specifying your masonry needs is essential. Keep reading for the components of the masonry mortar types that you can choose.

Mortar Type N

Choose this mortar type if you’re dealing with exteriors exposed to extreme weather and heat. Above grade, walls are ideal for this mortar type. Type N typically has medium compressive strength and consists of a mix that aligns with most purposes. It’s mixed with one part Portland cement, one part lime, and six parts sand. Type N tends compatible with soft stone masonry as well. If you’re a homeowner, this is a trendy choice.

Mortar Type S

Type S is highly compressive. It’s also suitable for low-grade projects. Type S’s chemical component makes it durable against soil pressure and even tough enough to withstand an earthquake. Projects such as masonry foundations, utility holes, and sewers work well with type S. You can use type S in the foundation of your brick patio or walkway.

White Velvet

White velvet is a mix of white sand and cement. Its most common uses are laying brick, stone, or glass blocks. All you have to do is add water, and it can set in thirty minutes.

Mortar Mix Type S

Mortar mix type S is structurally stable and suitable for brick and block foundations. Scratch and brown coat is also great for stucco applications as well as masonry parge or finish coating, and brick and block tuck pointing.

Light Velvet Mortar

The benefit of light velvet mortar it’s non-sag or doesn’t waste easily. You can apply it to large or heavy thin, brick stone, masonry veneer or tile. It’s completely versatile as it bonds to many underlying substances or layers.

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