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Properly Picking Pavement Materials

If you own a garden, you have a lot of landscaping decisions to make. But did you know that another decision is picking out the proper pavement materials?

If you own a garden, you have a lot of landscaping decisions to make. For one, you often worry about how healthy your soil is and if it’s prone to erosion, weeds, and bug infestation. Two, you must pick out plants, flowers, trees, and shrubs that will add to the beauty of your lawn or backyard. Three, decor also comes into mind if you enjoy sitting around your landscape. But did you know that another decision is picking out the proper pavement materials? Your feet constantly implant the surface of your garden. Stone and composite are among two popular options for your pavement material. Keep reading if you want ideas on how to design your pavement’s surface.


Choose stone if you want a material that’s versatile, luxurious, and durable. It comes in so many colors, shapes, and sizes! Flagstones with an irregular shape are ideal for country-style garden walkways. For a more traditional patio, geometric blocks are optimal.

In other to sustain heavy foot traffic, the stone must be at least 2 inches thick.  When a material is sturdy, degradation from the elements is also less likely to occur. While rounded cobblestone has a pleasing visual aesthetic, it can be extremely tough to walk on. This damages ankles over time. Polished flagstone creates a slick, dangerous surface as well. Flat stones that offer traction and grip are always the safest.

Also, make sure that you don’t pick a color for your stone until you see the color when wet. Colors tend to become more vibrant when exposed to moisture.

Popular stones are:






Composite is more cost-effective than stone. If you’re trying to budget and save money, then this material will suit you best. Installation is also easier because composite comes with preset dimensions. Composite comes in a variety of styles, shapes, textures, and colors as well. The flexibility of choices still exist. Just being this material is cheaper, doesn’t mean the beauty of your landscape has to suffer.

Popular composites are:

-Concrete Pavers

-Poured Concrete


While paving is easy to install, your time is valuable. Make sure that you test out how certain materials look sitting next to your home and landscape. Test the stone or composite on a bright day, a cloudy day, and when it’s wet outside to make sure that you like the visual appeal.  Most importantly, figure out which maintenance suits you best. After all, you want your garden to look amazing for years to come!

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