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Pavers: A Few Unique Ways to Use Them in Your Backyard

Outdoor fireplaces made from pavers are popular

If you want to upgrade your backyard space, then stone veneer pavers can help you do that. The first examples that come to mind when people think of pavers are walkways and driveways. However, there are other uses for pavers that may have never crossed your mind. We’re going to share a few unique ways that you upgrade your backyard space with pavers. Don’t miss out on this. Keep reading!

Garden Windows 

Popout garden windows add to your home’s curb appeal and highlight the natural elements of your home. Pavers applied in this way looks best below garden windows that face the street. You can stack your pavers to create a garden box that looks fantastic from all angles. You can also showcase the texture of the natural stone by making sure that the most textured side faces outward.

Support and Lights Posts/Columns

If you have columns on your porch, then you can dress them up dramatically. You can wrap the posts with stacked stone veneer pavers, which elevates the columns and enhances your home’s visual appeal, especially if you have a Craftsman’s style home. You can also install outdoor light posts wrapped with stone to create a timeless, classic look.

Fire Pits and Fire Places

What better way to prepare your outdoor living space for the colder weather than by investing in a fire pit or outdoor fireplace? These additions add structure to your outdoor living space, keep you warm, and they beautiful your home’s exterior in a truly unique manner. Natural stone incorporated into a fireplace or pit also gives your home a classic, timeless aesthetic.


Some homeowners use pavers that edge their pool. What this technique does is help with safety. Having a level area to place your feet on when stepping out of the pool prevents injury. It also helps make the pool a focal point where people won’t be able to divert their attention. If you want an elaborate design for your outdoor living space, pool coping with stone veneers is very trendy. This technique prevents water from flooding your landscape. Imagine a stone hot tub. Stone pavers have so many uses, and because of their stylistic features and durability, you can’t go wrong here.

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