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Stone Veneer: 3 Things That You Should Know About It

Stone veneer enhances the exterior of any home

Stone veneer is often a fan favorite for homeowners and contractors alike. It’s a durable, versatile, and natural-looking material. Even better, manufactured stone veneer, in particular, is super affordable and has customization capability. We work with EP Henry, Eldorado, Stonecraft, Ply-Gem, MSI, and Arterra to provide homeowners and contractors stone veneers in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors. If you’re a homeowner or contractor that doesn’t have a full understanding of how this material works and why it’s practical, then keep reading! Today we’re going to tell you three things that you should know about the stone veneer. 

Stone Veneer Comes From Real Stone

Sometimes people have concerns that this material won’t be as beautiful or durable as natural stone finishes. However, it holds up to inclement weather just as efficiently as natural stone. The reason being is that it’s cut from natural stone, and because it’s cut into thinner pieces makes it very versatile. Due to this thinness, the stone veneer weighs less, which is fantastic for you! Why? Installation is more straightforward and more affordable. Therefore, this material is not only beautiful and durable, but you can apply it to places where thicker, natural stone might not be able to go. 

It’s Fire-Resistant

If you want all the fire-resistant advantages that natural stone or brick has to offer, then this is an ideal selection for your home or project. It works well for not only your home’s exterior, especially if you want an outdoor fireplace. It can add elegance to your outdoor living space if used to beautify a fireplace. When treated, manufactured stone is fire-resistant as well. However, a natural stone veneer is naturally fire-resistant. You can snuggle up by the fire without worries and behold your beautiful fireplace.

Pests are No Match for This Material

It’s insect-repellant. Any material that you use for your home or commercial building should indeed not be susceptible to pests. This reason is why stone veneer should be a part of the discussion. Its durability makes it harder for cracks to form. The splits in between the joints are where bugs like to hang out typically. If you’re a believer and now convinced that this material is the way to go, then give us a call.

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