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Hardscape Tips for the Fall

Even during the fall, you can still enjoy a lovely landscape and harscape

Fall is here, and the weather has finally started to cool down a bit. Whether you plan on having a fall gathering or you want to prepare your hardscape for winter, it’s not too late to take care of your hardscape. To keep your yard healthy, you must maintain it all year long. Today, we’re going to share some simple hardscape tips that any homeowner can follow. Keep reading for hardscape tips that will benefit your yard this fall. 

Keep Your Hardscape Debris Free

Fall is a season where you have to sweep more than ever. While leaves are beautiful in their vibrant hues, too much debris can make your hardscape appear less appealing. It can also lead to significant issues such as mold and stains. Also, be sure to keep dirt from the surface. To do so, rinse your hardscape with a hose so that there’s no debris stuck to the stone.

A Hardscape Never Needs Weeds

Remove weeds from between the cracks of the tiles. You want to make sure to remove the root as well. This step is vital because you’ll ensure that weeds won’t grow again. Also, you’ll ensure that your yard is healthy once spring comes. For roots that are harder to reach, use a smaller tool to make sure you can remove them from the joints. 

Check for Edging Damage or Issues With Stone

You don’t want cracking or displaced stones to become worse as the weather becomes chiller. Therefore, you should assess them now. If you notice that the joints between your stone have grown, then call a hardscaping professional. Doing so will prevent the stones from growing out even more and damaging the entire design.

Clean Surface Stains

If you notice any surface stains, then you should remove them. Pressure washing helps to remove minor stains. Deep cleaning is also useful. Use a scrubbing brush and a small amount of diluted dish detergent so that stains don’t become more apparent and problematic as it becomes colder. Follow these hardscape tips, and you can expect a healthy yard that you can enjoy all year long. 

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