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Indoor and Outdoor Living Space Tips

We focus on providing what homeowners need to have the perfect outdoor living spaces!

Here at Trenton Block & Hardscape Supply, we focus on providing what homeowners need to have the perfect outdoor living spaces! Some of our products include pavers, retaining walls, and stone veneers. Whether you want to enhance your patio, walkway, or garden, you’re going to love our high-quality service. One concern that some homeowners have about improving their outdoor living spaces is wondering if there is fluidity with the interior of their home. If you want your indoor living space and outdoor living space to flow, then keep reading! Trenton Block has some tips for you!

Functional Furniture

When you have gatherings at your home, you want to make sure that your guests can move from inside to outside reasonably quickly. How can you achieve this? By having furniture that fits the dimensions of your home. A fashionable home design trend is the idea of the open floor layout. Cramped, tight spaces with bulky furniture make it harder to move around. Also, tiny furniture makes the room seem off-kilter. Furniture that’s stylish, functional, and comfortable enhances any environment.


Indoor living spaces have zones separated  by the kitchen, living room, and dining room areas.The same concept applies to the exterior of your home. Every part of your porch, patio, deck, or garden should have a function or purpose. One section of your outdoor living space could be a conversational corner.Another area could serve as a dining area. Did you know that the amazing team here at Trenton Block are experts regarding outdoor kitchens? When homeowners have a garden, some even have walkways and bridges installed that lead to the home along with utilizing water features.

Add Shelter

Because you don’t want your beautiful furniture damaged by outside elements, shelter is necessary. Also, since July is one of the hottest months of the year, melting in the sun isn’t ideal! Being drenched in the rain can also be frustrating. Awnings, gazebos, and pergolas are creative ways to beautify your landscape but make it functional all-year-round! Want to make sure your home interior has durable protection? Call in so that we can tell you about the benefits behind vinyl siding!

Warm it Up

Don’t feel sad when the warm weather waves goodbye. Fire pits and fireplaces are two ways to enjoy the outdoors all year long. Indoor spaces with fireplaces are warm and inviting, but stepping out into the refreshing air and taking in nature is necessary.

Trenton Block and Hardscape Supply Is an Expert In The Outdoor Construction Industry

At Trenton Block & Hardscape Supply, we have 21/2 acres of high-quality hardscaping materials at each of our respective locations. Our experienced team members will help you make sense of all these materials by adding more shape and form to your design ideas. We help you see the possibilities with our extensive design knowledge.

Three convenient locations in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Delaware mean that you’re never too far away from accessing our expertise, artistry, and equipment. Come visit our display areas at all three locations for help making your vision a reality with our comprehensive variety of materials and tools. Contact us at one of our locations and follow us on Facebook.

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