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TRENTON NJ: 609‐396‐9750

MILTON DE : 302‐684‐0112

What Trenton Block Can Do for You

We are experts when it comes to supplying high-quality construction materials.

Founded in 1947, Trenton Block & Hardscape Supply has been in existence for 70 plus years! We are experts when it comes to supplying high-quality construction materials. We also partner with EP Henry to provide homeowners and contractors with masonry supplies, cast veneer stone, clay brick pavers, and much more! We’re much more than a sales team; we have the creative eye that can help guide you in bringing your vision to life all while doing it on a budget. Whether you love gardening, you’re ready to install an outdoor kitchen, you’re working on a construction project, or you want to upgrade your driveway with pavers, we have the supplies that fit the needs of our customers. Keep reading to learn more about what Trenton Block can do for you.

Concrete Pavers

Whether your home is modern or contemporary, we have highly stylish pavers that are durable and worth the investment. With concrete pavers ranging from clay brick, and even Bluestone, we have various style choices that will suit your unique taste. If you’re interested in upgrading your patio, walkway, or driveway, you can count on the materials that Trenton Block provides.

Retaining Walls

As a homeowner, protecting your landscape matters. If you want to save your landscape from erosion, then a retaining wall is one of the best ways to do so. It helps with irrigation, drainage, and water runoff. It also adds style and structure to your home.

Stone Veneer

Trenton Block partners with EP Henry, Eldorado, Stonecraft, Ply-Gem, MSI and Arterra to give you the manufactured or natural stone that you need. The stone helps an outdoor space look more elegant in the case of an outdoor kitchen, island, or fireplace. Stone is also highly durable and low-maintenance. Call us if you’re installing an outdoor kitchen this summer!

Architectural Siding

Trenton Block partners with MAC Architectural Metal siding to ensure that your home is protected. Metal siding helps to protect a home from the elements and is one of the most vital parts of a residence. The metal siding is sleek, versatile, and durable.

Other Products We Offer

  • Masonry Supplies
  • Gardening Supplies
  • Sealants
  • Cleaners for Pavers
  • Drainage Systems
  • Bulk Items (Sand, Screenings, Stone)
  • Aluminum Edging

Trenton Block and Hardscape Supply Is an Expert In The Outdoor Construction Industry

At Trenton Block & Hardscape Supply, we have 21/2 acres of high-quality hardscaping materials at each of our respective locations. Our experienced team members will help you make sense of all these materials by adding more shape and form to your design ideas. We help you see the possibilities with our extensive design knowledge.

Three convenient locations in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Delaware mean that you’re never too far away from accessing our expertise, artistry, and equipment. Come visit our display areas at all three locations for help making your vision a reality with our comprehensive variety of materials and tools. Contact us at one of our locations and follow us on Facebook.

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