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Should I Have Landscape Lighting Installed?

Should I Have Landscape Lighting Installed?

Installing landscape lighting will deter potential thieves.

There are many benefits to having landscape lighting on your property. It goes a long way toward transforming the look of your home as well as the way you use the various spaces around your home. Should you have landscape lighting installed? Here are some factors you should consider that will help inform your choice.

Enhanced Safety

Landscape lighting will make your property safer. It’s true that robbers and trespassers look for easy targets – homes that are dark where they could sneak past without detection. Installing landscape lighting will deter potential thieves. Plus, when you’re coming home at night, it will be safer for you as your walking up to your property. You can get inside quicker because you’ll be able to easily access your keys and unlock the door.

Greater Beauty

Lighting is a great way to highlight the beauty of your landscape design. Outline the walkways, show off your garden, and bring greater attention to your neatly manicured lawn. It also shows your attention to detail with your lighting placement and sconce choices.

Overall Theme

Use your outdoor lighting to create an overall design theme for the exterior of your home. Depending on the placement and style you can create a particular look that goes with the design of your home and landscape. Go for a romantic vibe, energetic feel, or something even more playful. 

Extended Entertainment  

With outdoor lighting, you can get more use out of your outdoor entertainment spaces, especially in the summer. Once the sun sets, your lighting will allow you to keep the party going by illuminating your seating area or even your pool. Plus, in the evening you may even be more comfortable without the blaring sun beaming directly on you and your guests.   

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