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How to Protect Your Landscape From Winter Weather

How to Protect Your Landscape From Winter Weather

Keep your landscape protected this winter!

Every season presents a new set of risks for your landscape. In winter, many incorrectly believe that their landscape is set for the season. If your plants are dormant they’re probably fine, right? Wrong! Winter might be a time of little visible action, but the steps you take now can ensure that your landscape is prepared and ready to grow stronger when spring arrives.

Aerate and Fertilize

Winter is the perfect time to treat your grounds to ensure that soil is aerated and full of nutrients to make more space for roots to grow and breath come spring. Aeration is a critical step to grass health as it prevents soil compaction, root overgrowth, and helps to avoid diseases of the root as it gives more room for air and nutrients to circulate. Not to mention, once you’ve aerated, the ground is better able to absorb fertilizer. When you use these two steps together, you can ensure that your lawn is able to put its best sprouts forward.   

Keep It Clean

While leaf litter can be used to make valuable fertilizer, when left on a lawn it can cause mold growth and decomposition of the grass itself. When stuck underneath a layer of leaves grass and plants are unable to get the sunlight they need to survive. However, if you have the space on your property, these leaves should be saved to create nutrient-rich leaf mold; an organic fertilizer that can be used on any gardens.

Add Insulation

To help protect shrubs, small trees, and other landscaping, adding a layer of insulation is a vital step. Mulch, those raked leaves, and pine straw can all be used to help give plants al layer of insulation from the cold and snow. This helps keep the temperatures even and helps prevent damage from some animals.

Prep Irrigation

If you have an irrigation system set up for your landscape, you will want to work with a professional to ensure that you’re following pre-winter prep to prevent any damage or issues. Colder temperatures can freeze and burst irrigation pipes and lead to expensive and disruptive repairs when the accident is identified.

Plan For Snow

One of the biggest threats to your landscaping each winter is merely the snow and ice. Not only can ice melts affect the plant life nearby, but shoveling and excessive snow piling can cause damage as well. Regardless of whether you’ll be employing professional snow removal services or shoveling yourself. Before the first snow, it’s critical that you place markers to note where the edges of driveways, pathways, and hardscaping features are located. Not only will this make snow removal more manageable, but you’ll prevent scraping out a chunk of lawn or hurting any plants. As you’re removing your snow, try not to pile it in one spot. Having the heavy load of snow in one place can cause soil compression, death due to lack of sunlight, and root damage to any grass and plants underneath.

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