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Outdoor Lighting Tips

A fantastic gathering shouldn’t be interrupted because you don’t have the proper lighting.

Summer is here, which means that you’re most likely entertaining guests outdoors. A fantastic gathering shouldn’t be interrupted because you don’t have the proper lighting. You should be able to have a great time whether the sun is shining brightly or if the moon appears. Outdoor lighting also makes a difference in regards to safety and security, along with aesthetics. If you don’t know where to begin, keep reading to learn about some outdoor lighting tips.


Utilize Ambient, Task, and Accent Lighting

Hanging lights, wall lights, and post lights are an example of ambient lighting. Ambient lighting creates a natural ambiance and illuminates your landscape or hardscape in a way that isn’t glaring.  Pathway lights along with deck and security lights are an example of task lighting. Task lighting illuminates an area, making it easier to see. If you like to read outdoors after dark or plan on using the grill, task lights are ideal. Accent lighting highlights a specific feature. For example, if you want to showcase a beautiful tree in your backyard, you could position an accent light upward to highlight the tree.

Calculate Your Wattage

To light an outdoor space, you need to know how much wattage you’ll need. This step is pivotal before you start shopping. A simple way to calculate your wattage is to multiply the square footage of your landscape’s area by 1.5. For example, if your square footage is 250 square inches, you would need 375 watts.

Always Plan Ahead

If you plan on using fixtures as an outdoor lighting choice, then it’s best to understand how large or small your space is. You don’t want to purchase lights that are way too big. It’s always best to take measurements before shopping so that you automatically know what will fit into your space and what won’t. Wasted time or money isn’t ideal.

Use LED Lighting

Using LED lighting will lower energy costs. Halogen or incandescent bulbs use a lot of energy and radiate a lot of heat. Trenton Block offers low-voltage lighting for energy-conscious homeowners.

Secure Your Home

Outdoor lighting not only beautify your home, but it makes it much safer and visible. Wall lanterns surrounding side doors, windows, and garages are a smart way to illuminate your home so that guests can see and you’ll be able to see if any trespassers are attempting to walk on your property. Spotlights installed on eaves is another alternative that promotes safety as well.

Trenton Block and Hardscape Supply Is an Expert In The Outdoor Construction Industry

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