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Spring Landscape Tips

The end of winter is coming up. Will your landscape be prepared for Spring?

The end of winter is coming up. Will your landscape be prepared for Spring? Winter often dries out any landscape with a lot of debris and dead shrubbery due to snow and ice covering it for months. If you want tips for how you can have a lush landscape, keep reading!


Cleaning is a must if there is any leftover debris from the winter such as twigs or leaves.  Rakes are traditional and old school; although air blowers prove to be quick and efficient. Debris shouldn’t be left behind because it can damage your lawnmower and stop fertilizers from adding nutrients to your lawn.

Prevent Weeds and Use Fertilizer

Fertilizes feed your grass and a herbicide called “pre-emergent” can kill crabgrass. Once crabgrass emerges, it’s challenging to get rid of it.  After 6-8 weeks have passed make sure to apply these products again and then follow up with a weed killer. There are many products that can save you money due to both pre-emergents and weed killers being merged in them.

Don’t Skim on Mowing

If you take pride in your landscape, make sure to mow it more than just once a week. It is recommended that you mow your landscape every five days during the early stages of Spring. Allowing your grass to get too high won’t help its roots to grow. Persistence will help you have a beautiful, thick lawn that all the neighbors will talk about and love to look at.

Add Mulch

Adding a thick layer of mulch can make any landscape look neat for the spring. Not only does mulch make a planting area look better but it helps the lawn to keep its moisture. The roots around your trees will also stay cool. Neatly laid out mulch will bring polish to your outdoor hardscaping such as veneers or a newly installed wall.

Prolong Seeding

Brown or thin spots in your landscape may be displeasing to look at. However, seeding is not suggested. Seeding should be done in the fall because applying a pre-emergent and weed killer will not help the seeds to spread out. Still, if you cannot bare waiting, sod is a better option than seeding your landscape.

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