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Tips for Buying Masonry Tools

Having the right tools is an essential first step to any masonry project.

From bricklaying to stone cutting and more, having the right tools is an essential first step to any masonry project. At Trenton Block and Hardscape Supply, our knowledgeable staff is ready to help guide you through what you need and how to use it. To help get you on the right track, we’ve put together this quick guide to help you plan your shopping list! 


As a common and highly useful tool, different types of scoops can have a usage in different situations to help you get your desired effect. In general, a spade is a device used to shape, spread, and level mortar or concrete. Some of the options include tuckpointing trowels: used to get mortar in between bricks and blocks. You use Margin Trowels for applying mortar and concrete to corners and tight spaces. Pointing spades are for simply spreading while a finishing trowel is used to smooth. 


When working on a project, you’re going to need a mixing tool for your mortar and concrete. Depending on the size of your project will determine how big of a mixer you will need. For small projects, you might be able to use a mud mixer, which only holds about two gallons. For larger projects, a wheelbarrow mixer will be a better fit. 


There are many different types of chisels and not all work for tough masonry projects. If you need a masonry chisel, you’ll find that they are much stronger and more durable than those used for wood. If you are using a blade on metal, you will need to purchase a cold chisel – which can cut through any softer metal. 

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At Trenton Block & Hardscape Supply, we have 21/2 acres of high-quality hardscaping materials at each of our respective locations. Our experienced team members will help you make sense of all these materials by adding more shape and form to your design ideas. We help you see the possibilities with our extensive design knowledge.

Three convenient locations in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Delaware mean that you’re never too far away from accessing our expertise, artistry, and equipment. Come visit our display areas at all three locations for help making your vision a reality with our comprehensive variety of materials and tools. Contact us at one of our locations and follow us on Facebook.

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