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A Curved or Straight Walkway: What’s the Difference?

Walkways are a beautiful addition to the home.

Designing a hardscape isn’t always the most straightforward choice to make, but we’re here to help! Walkways are a beautiful addition to the home. They also have highly functional purposes, such as ensuring that you, your family, and guests can safely maneuver through your landscape. Straight walkways and curved walkways have different aesthetic effects, and depending on your yard space, one choice will be better than the other. We’re going to discuss the difference between curved and straight walkways. Keep reading!

How Small or Big is the Size of Your Yard?

Curved walkways require more space than those that are straight. If your landscape is smaller, then a more narrow option will better suit your space. What you don’t want to do is cram or restrict your area. Smaller backyards or patios work better with straight, central paths. Designing your hardscape in this way will help you to preserve space and make your yard look more spacious.

Do You Prefer a More Elegant or Simple Design?

Curved paths are more elegant and polished than straight ones. Also, if you have a lot of features that you want a highlight, a curved walkway leading to these features will help your landscape to stand out. Also, using landscape lighting strategically can enhance the curves even more. Straight pathways are ideal for a classic design style. They highlight the formality of a structure and just how defined it is. If your space is small, but you want your straight pathway to stand out, you can use planters to break it up or use smaller, curved pathways in other sections.

Will Your Selection Be Functional?

A straight option is well, straightforward. It takes you right where you need to be. However, if you choose a curved option, you have to be strategic. Improperly designing a curved hardscape could lead to mobility issues and make your visitors want to take shortcuts. Also, a lot of individual straight paths that lead to multiple backyard features could prove to be overwhelming. 

How Much Are You Willing to Spend?

Curved walkways as it relates to price could be more expensive in a smaller yard. Not only will you need a larger quantity of materials, but the design will be more complex. Can you combine these two options? Absolutely! We partner with EP Henry to provide you with the perfect pavers

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