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How Do I Choose the Best Retaining Wall for My Property?

We partner with EP Henry to provide hardscape features, such as retaining walls, that any home or business owner will thoroughly enjoy.

We partner with EP Henry to provide hardscape features, such as retaining walls, that any home or business owner will thoroughly enjoy. Not only are retaining walls visually appealing but more importantly, they help to protect your landscape. Soil erosion and flooding will be a thing of the past with this hardscape feature. We’re sure you’re perfectly aware of the many benefits of a retaining wall. However, choosing the best retaining wall for your property is no easy task. There are so many choices, but we’re here to guide you. Keep reading for some tips!

Think About the Type of Wall

Before you sign a contract with a hardscape contractor, think about the material that will best suit your wall. Here we offer construction block customized with stone veneer because it’s one of the most aesthetically pleasing and durable choices. Wood and timber walls typically aren’t used because they aren’t suitable for longevity. It can warp over time. With proper installation and maintenance, a stone veneer wall can last a lifetime.

Decide How You Will Use the Wall

Some homeowners create a sitting area for them and their families. This idea is one way to get the most out of your retaining wall. Incorporating your family’s lifestyle into your design techniques is makes your investment even more worthwhile.

Make Your Retaining Wall More Artistic 

While this hardscape adds structure to your home, it does not have to be boring. Do you want to make your outdoor living space more artistic and creative? What you can do is add a garden or water features to your wall to make it stand out. Stone veneer is the perfect accessory to a garden and water features

Be Mindful of Height

You don’t want the wall to be too high because this could be a safety hazard. It could also result in receiving a fine from your municipality or someone could injure themselves on your property.

Determine Drainage 

Not planning for drainage could result in standing water. Adding gravel and fabric to the base of the wall will help with water runoff. The point of a retaining wall is to help with flooding, not exasperate it. 

Trenton Block and Hardscape Supply Is An Expert In The Outdoor Construction Industry

At Trenton Block & Hardscape Supply, we have 21/2 acres of high-quality hardscaping materials at each of our respective locations. Our experienced team members will help you make sense of all these materials by adding more shape and form to your design ideas. We help you see the possibilities with our extensive design knowledge. If you’re the type of person to which seeing is believing, then our display areas will give you that extra spark of inspiration.  

Three convenient locations in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Delaware mean that you’re never too far away from accessing our expertise, artistry, and equipment. Come visit our display areas at all three locations for help making your vision a reality with our comprehensive variety of materials and tools.  Contact us at one of our locations and follow us on Facebook

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