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Should I incorporate Stone into My Landscape?

Stonework helps add elegance to your property, but it’s also practical as well.

The answer is yes. You should incorporate stone into your landscape. Stonework helps add elegance to your property, but it’s also practical as well. When upgrading your home, you win when you pick an add-on that has aesthetic appeal, makes your property more valuable, and saves you money on repairs and replacement. Trenton Block works with EP Henry, ldorado, Stonecraft, Ply-Gem, MSI and Arterra to provide homeowners and contractors with cast stone veneer and natural stone that varies in texture, shape, size, and coloring for a custom fit. Keep reading to discover why you should incorporate stone into your landscape.


Stone is known for its endurance, and it’s one tough cookie to crack. It maintains its appearance in rain, snow, and heat, making it a common choice among homeowners and contractors alike. Stone ages like fine wine and doesn’t fade quickly. It’s also less susceptible to water damage due to rain or frost.


What makes stone pavers, so ideal is that when one paver becomes damaged, you don’t have to fix your entire landscape. That would be very costly. Because stone pavers are individual pieces instead of one large slab, it’s relatively easy and cheap to replace them. When you have a walkway, driveway, or retaining wall made from stone, you’ll have satisfaction from cleaning less. Stonework doesn’t easily stain, but if it does, all you have to do is sweep (in the case of a patio) and use a mild cleaning solution to improve the appearance.


A common misconception about natural stone is that it all looks the same. Stonework can vary in texture, size, coloring, and even its shape can be unique! Did you know that Trenton Block is a Bluestone distributor? Bluestone is famous for its bluish-gray coloring which stands out. Stone is also applicable in many places, including your patio, garden, fire pit, and an outdoor kitchen.


Summer has officially arrived, meaning that you, your family, and your guests are going to spend more time outdoors. If your children are energetic and like to run around, if you have a pool, or your home inhabits older people at any time, then you want to make sure that your patio, walkway, or driveway is safe and not slippery. Stone has a non-slip surface making it easy for you, your family, and guests to have secure footing.

If you’re a gardener or concerned about water runoff, then retaining walls are ideal for you because not only do they give your landscape style and structure but they help with the irrigation process. Retaining walls also add a safety measure because they help protect your property from flooding.

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