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Commercial Hardscape Tips That Promote Longevity

To keep commercial landscapes lasting year after year, it takes some maintenance.

Your outdoor area what clients, tenants, employees, or visitors notice first upon visiting your establishment. The right hardscaping and landscaping decisions work together to create a sense of style, solidarity, and quality. To keep commercial landscapes lasting year after year, it takes some maintenance. The same goes for hardscaping. Pavers and retaining walls are durable, primarily when you use the materials that Trenton Block has to offer. However, it still takes some upkeep to make sure that your outdoor area doesn’t fall victim to harsh weather and wear and tear. Want to learn some hardscape tips that promote longevity? Keep reading!

Inspect Your Outdoor Area Regularly

Commercial hardscapes and landscapes both require regular checkups. Keep an eye on settling ground, growth of tree roots, and cracks in pavers. If you don’t take the time to notice small issues, then more significant problems could persist over time. The beneficial thing about pavers is that it doesn’t take a lot to replace them or cost a lot of money.

Keep Up With Cleanings

Making sure to clean your pavers and stone walls once a year. Pressure washing can help remove debris that comes from rain, leaves, and snow. Cleaning helps to ensure that the hardscape is durable. Also, cleaning your landscape works hand in hand with assuring that your hardscape looks its best. Make sure to remove weeds and dead plant life from your outdoor area.

Seal and Secure Your Hardscapes

Depending on the materials and age of your hardscapes, sealing may need to happen. A sealant can give pavers luster and also help to protect hardscapes from being damaged from stains or sediment buildup. For example, if your employees eat outside during lunch, constant food spills can stain your hardscapes. A sealant can protect against unappealing blemishes or marks.

Trenton Block and Hardscape Supply Is an Expert In The Outdoor Construction Industry

At Trenton Block & Hardscape Supply, we have 21/2 acres of high-quality hardscaping materials at each of our respective locations. Our experienced team members will help you make sense of all these materials by adding more shape and form to your design ideas. We help you see the possibilities with our extensive design knowledge.

Three convenient locations in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Delaware mean that you’re never too far away from accessing our expertise, artistry, and equipment. Come visit our display areas at all three locations for help making your vision a reality with our comprehensive variety of materials and tools. Contact us at one of our locations and follow us on Facebook.

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