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Five Ways to Incorporate Sand into Your Landscape

If you’re looking to install hardscape features, sand plays a critical role in many different steps.

If you’re looking to install hardscape features, sand plays a critical role in many different steps.

Is your landscape in need of some spice? Using sand as a hardscaping feature in your New Jersey, Pennsylvania, or Delaware landscape is an excellent way to add variety that will look great for years to come. If you’re ready to see all the ways that sand can be used in your next landscaping project, make sure to read on! 

Zen Gardens

Perhaps one of the most classic and compelling arguments for sand in your landscape is to bring a little bit of Zen into your space. When paired with thoughtful planting and river rocks, the use of sand to create a zen garden is an elegant look that will help make your home an oasis. The act of raking patterns into your garden will help you enjoy a calming, meditative state in your own home. 

Landscape Edging

Have you ever noticed that the edges of your garden plots erode over time? Mixing sand into your garden soil can help keep those edges crisp and even help with improving your drainage! Having sand allows there to be a defined boundary that keeps your beds looking neater and more defined for longer. 

Play Areas 

Play sand is a little different than what is commonly used for more industrial or landscape-only gardening as it doesn’t contain silica. If you intend to have a play area, with a playset or sports surface for games like volleyball, sand is a great choice. It allows for fun games and sandcastle building, but it also provides a soft, safe landing site in case of falls or accidents. 

Hardscape Features and Bases 

If you’re looking to install hardscape features, sand plays a critical role in many different steps. Many features made from concrete use sand as a crucial ingredient this can include everything from walkways, patios, and pavers to furniture made from cement-like benches and tables. Additionally, when making paths and starting landscape projects sand plays a critical role in the foundations. When used with a polymeric additive, sand created an incredibly useful gap filler that allows walkways to be more stable and will decrease the chances of shifting and breaks. Additionally, because sand compacts more easily, when used under other features it decreases the risks of breaks and cracks from shifting ground due.  

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