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Five Essential Tools to Start a Garden

Gardening may seem like a daunting task to some homeowners, but many benefits come with owning a garden.

Trenton Block & Hardscape Supply not only sells hardscape and masonry tools, but we sell the garden supplies that you need to tend to your landscape. Gardening may seem like a daunting task to some homeowners, but many benefits come with owning a garden. For one, it has many surprising health benefits. Two, it ultimately helps beautify your home and landscape. You can trust Trenton Block to provide you with the essential garden supplies. If you’re a beginner gardener or an avid gardener that wants to make sure you’re utilizing the right garden supplies, keep reading!

1) Trowel/Spade

A trowel or spade is useful for when you want to break up dirt, dig a small hole, transplant seedlings, or even get rid of weeds. If you want to know what gardening tool to splurge on, make this the one. Beginner and expert gardeners alike absolutely need this tool.

2) Pruning Spears

When you’re harvesting produce or cutting bush berries, you’ll need a durable pair of pruning spears. For a precise cut, clip at the node of the plant. As your garden grows, you need loopers for branches that are two inches or wider.

3) Hoses or Watering Cans

If your plants are going right into the ground, then choose a long water hose that will reach many places in your garden. Watering devices with a spray or nozzle attachment will help you to control water pressure. Container gardening means that you’re plants aren’t going directly into the ground, and you’re planting them inside of pots. If this is the case, go for a lightweight hose. It’s best to water your plants or grass early in the morning when the temperature is at its coldest. Midday watering causes evaporation while evening watering causes waterlog.

4) A Rake

Rakes make sure that your garden is smooth and even. Its uniformed tines create level soil all while getting rid of weeds. If your landscape is harsh and overgrown, consider buying a gardening hoe instead.

5) Shovel With An Angle

It may be apparent that you need a shovel, but there are so many options! An angled shovel with a triangular-shaped spearhead allows you to dig holes, move soil, and relocate your plants. If your landscape is massive, one suggestion would be to use a square-shaped spade so that lines with be clean. For beginners, an angled shovel is the better option.

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