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Summer Fire Pit Safety Tips

Fire pits are perfect for keeping the backyard toasty and provide a space in which you can bond with your loved ones.

Fourth of July is coming up and one of the best ways to enjoy the holiday is relaxing around the fire pit. Fire pits are an excellent outdoor living space addition, especially if you live in a rural area. Fire pits are perfect for keeping the backyard toasty and provide a space in which you can bond with your loved ones. Here at Trenton Block, we provide you with the materials and products that you need to add an aesthetically pleasing and durable fire pit wall to your outdoor living spaces. We also believe that safety matters. Keep reading for some fire pit tips that will keep you and your family safe this Fourth of July, this summer, and throughout the entire year.

Pick a Level Location

The first step to fire pit safety is picking the right location. You want to make sure that you locate your fire pit on level ground in an open area. Make sure that it’s ten feet away from anything that could catch fire, such as your home, your plants, or your neighbor’s yard. Keep it away from overhanging branches, wooden decks, or fences. Underneath canopies, covered patios, and trees are also poor places to place a fire pit.

How You Should Fuel the Fire

Lighter fluid is dangerous to use. It can cause make it hard to control the fire and even cause combustion. If you want to heat your outdoor living space traditionally, a wood-burning pit works. Otherwise, gas or propane heating options are best to start a fire quickly. Switching between wood and gas is an option depending on your preference.

Use the Proper Wood

Seasoned hardwoods are the right way to go. Plywood releases toxic fumes while soft white woods spark and pop easily. Also, make sure that the wood you use doesn’t stick out. It should be short enough to fit into your fire pit completely.

Screens are Safe

Sparks and embers can catch onto clothing and spark.  If you want to protect you, your family, and your guests from flyaway embers, then fire pit screens help. Make sure to choose a heat-resistant material like cast iron or steel.

Keep An Eye on Children

While this might be obvious, curious children often slip away, especially during a holiday such as the Fourth of July. They become excited by all the excitement and tend to wander off. Make sure an adult is always present while the fire is going. A Fourth of July staple for some people cracking open a fresh, cold beer. Be careful of consuming too much alcohol while handling the pit.

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